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Paso mucho tiempo investigando casos para asegurarme de obtener la información más precisa y todas las fuentes están referenciadas siempre que sea posible.

Kuklinski the devil himself cover art j.


The Devil Himself

A book by J. Sutton

Available on Amazon and kindle now 

Price - £3.58 or free to download with your kindle unlimited subscription.

Get your copy here  - Kuklinski: The Devil Himself

 A short, yet factually informative book detailing the life and crimes of Richard Leonard Kuklinski.

The book features information about his childhood & adolescence. Along with a breakdown of his 37 year criminal career, his association with organised crime, his marriage and his family life.


The latter chapters of the book give an insight into the behavioural aspects of his crimes, his motives, his drives and the possible biological underpinnings for these.


There is detailed information about the undercover operation which eventually led to his capture and arrest in 1986, along with the stories of his victims.

Better known to some as 'The Iceman', Richard was a long time criminal who grew up in New Jersey in the USA.

Click here to order your copy 

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"What we do know about the serial killer is when you start to talk to them they hold everything together.
Then they start to disintegrate and they begin to be able to share bits and pieces, odds and ends of murders" Morrison, H - Forensic psychiatrist
"In evolutionary terms, the human capacity for antisocial and violent behavior wasn't a random occurrance. . . 
Many violent crimes may sound mindless, but they may be informed by a primative evolutionary logic." Raine, A - 2013
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