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As of the 31st of December 2021, there were 8,626 prisoners serving indeterminate sentences in the UK, these are sentences with no end date. They are not given as commonly as other sentences and are reserved for the most serious crimes.


A prisoner can be convicted with an Indeterminate sentence if the imprisonment assures the publics protection from an otherwise very dangerous person. This can be given in either an Imprisonment for Public Protection sentence (IPP) or a life sentence with no date for release, also known as a Whole Life or Natural Life sentence.

There is a marked difference in the frequency males are handed a indeterminate sentence compared to females.  In the UK currently 8,297 of those prisoners are male and only 329 are female.

Below is a list of some of those prisoners (living) this list is a work in progress you will find some of the names will have more information available than others. Over time the information will be added to and each person will have a complete profile.

Item List

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